Almost there...

So after many, many months of planning, testing, organising and most importantly tasting (which funnily is the bit that most people want to help with!), we're almost there!  With just a couple of final hurdles to jump, Florence and George is almost a reality.

Most of the work this week has been on the website, which has been a bit of a steep learning curve and has resulted in several cries for help to a very patient tech support friend (his website is here is you want to have a look, although it could benefit from a few more cakes if you ask me...)  I'm really pleased with how the Florence and George site is looking now though, and very excited about adding lots of new photos and updates over the coming months.

Next week we've got a special request for a birthday cake, a tiramisu layer cake - can't wait to see how it turns out.  It's always fun to try something new, and really if you're combining cake with coffee and alcohol everyone is a winner!

Clare x