Kitchen takeover

Almost midway through the summer holidays, today it was time to turn the kitchen over to the kids for some baking fun.  My two were joined by their two friends, and after spending ages looking through various recipe books and concocting grand plans for three tier show stoppers that would have taken a team of bakers several days to pull off, the girls eventually decided to try an ombre cake.  The boys on the other hand, got distracted by Power Rangers costumes and light sabres, and ditched the kitchen completely in favour of super hero battles!

Baking with the kids is a very different experience to my own baking.  My normally organised and calm workspace is turned on its head, with plenty of mess and chaos all round, and very little time spent planning out what's needed before firing straight in with the butter and sugar.  The highlight was definitely the buttercream splattered across walls and floors after someone forgot to put the mixer back in the bowl of buttercream before switching it on.  But for two nine year olds working pretty much on their own with minimal help, I think the end result looks fab, and it was lovely to see how proud they were of their finished cake and all their hard work.  It tasted delicious too, and funnily enough the boys managed to stop playing for long enough to have a slice!  Now if only I could manage to get the same enthusiasm from all of them when it comes to cleaning up afterwards...

Time for another slice of that cake I think!

Clare x