Kitty, the unicorn and a candy explosion!

It's an  ongoing ambition of mine to write these blog posts without starting off by saying it's been a while since my last one.  However, as it has been longer than I'd like since I sat down to do one, I guess I'll keep on hoping for a while longer!  It's been a busy couple of months though, so it's nice to take some time out to reflect on how things are going and plan for the next few months.

If you follow me on Instagram (find me here if you don't), you might have noticed that I've been playing around with the Instagram Stories feature recently.  I'm still not sure I've cracked it, but it's fun to use alongside my normal IG posts.  I'm a big fan of Instagram - it's a fantastic tool for inspiration and support from fellow cake bakers and afternoon tea lovers.  It was through IG that I came across the amazing Kitty the Vintage Caravan.  Based in Alloa, Kitty is a beautiful, lovingly restored vintage caravan available for hire for weddings and other special occasions.  You can now even book a Florence and George afternoon tea in Kitty!

As well as collaborating with some lovely creative people recently, both on and off Instagram, we've had two lots of mini F&G birthdays since my last blog post.  Both kids take their roles as senior taste testers very seriously, and there was much debate and discussion over what their birthday cakes should look like.  In the end, I think they both designed cakes that were just right for them, and they were lots of fun to make, especially since I actually got to eat some of them ;-)  Here's a couple of photos of their cakes - discussion for next year has already started...