You make a new life by making new choices

So now seems like the perfect time for a journal entry, since new choices is just what I've been making.  It's been nearly eight months since Florence and George launched, from an idea to take doing something I loved and turn it in to a business while I took a period of leave from my 'proper job'.  Those eight months have been fantastic, and I could never have imagined the fun I'd have and the lovely people I'd meet along the way, from my wonderful customers to other business owners, market organisers and suppliers.  

The time came recently though, when the 'proper job' was waiting for me to go back to it, so the choice was there to be made.  Do I go back to the 9 to 5 and try to balance work with family and building F&G, or do I take a leap of faith and move permanently in to the big bad world of self employment and running a small business full time?  In the end, the choice was easy.  Tea and cakes make people happy, and it turns out that making tea and cakes makes me happy too.  (And making cakes makes my family and friends very happy, especially when I'm looking for taste testers for new recipes!)

So new choices have led to a new life for me.  And I can't wait to see where the journey will take me next.

Clare x